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I'm starting out and am trying to improve my technique and shots and would really appreciate help from someone like you. Lights: Do you use any from of lighting set up to achieve your results?

To comment on a single picture or even choose a favourite would be impossible. Please also consider posting a series of tutorials or go off and write a book. would you care to comment and/or rate the "fixed" version of this for me?? Old Max ZAPPA here is shortly going to be embarking on a series of nudes.

It goes without saying that you are now marked as "interesting" Thank You. thank you so much for your kind ratings and comments... I notice you use FP4 for much of your mono work, I a interested to know at what speed you rate the film, and also what are your experiences with the most excellent HP5 for nude work. I am particularly pleased when a woman is so supportive, because it means that she understand the respect and admiration that I feel for my models. There are those who found beaty in life and those who can only give light to their eyes through naked bodies. Zafar Maybe I imagined commenting on portfolio before.

If you use HP5 at all, then at what speed do you rate it. Point is , once they made one and they can't progress they make millions of the same photo and to give happiness to their style they cut the photos or just explore photoshop options to find different solutions..girls are wonderful..all this is so flat. It's really nice to see a lady take that position, whereas someone like the gentleman above is implying that I am letting down women. For some reason tonight I scanned your portfolio looking for an image that stood out for me to comment on - after I hit the number 20 I gave up.

Plus it is just my point of view..you are so good you shouldn't even bother Then there are those who work to find less meaning in others artists' portfolios to validate themselves as true critics. If an artist could capture the entire essence of a subject in one photo, without more exploration of emotion, p.o.v, subect matter, timing, etc. For it is the world's artists that create the neverending altering of ideas that make this world unique to all. There is an old saying in France to the effect that you cannot be more Royalist than the King ... I have been admiring your work since I first found PN. All your pictures have a very thoughtful composition and you expose them to perfection. While I'm not sure I am with you on your colored multiple image compositions - even those I am following and seeing where you are going.

To think that there is a limit to these possibilities is indeed a very sad affair... It's obvious why women are so comfortable with you. Some of your portraits and nudes are just simply stunning - seeming immediate, spontaneous, and yet well-composed, balanced and dynamic.

There are few who, in my opinion, manage to capture each woman's individual beauty as you do. I was wondering though if you could give some advice on working with models. Surely you must teach, photography, or photoshop, no? Not sure of my Italian spelling :) At communion: Father while handing out wafers and wine: "Corpo di dio, corpo di dio.." (body of Christ..) Then he looks upon one of your models kneeling in line with the others and utters: "Dio che corpo! ) You have a beautiful collection of photographs which celebrate the beauty of the female form. I've never seen so many excellent photos of a single photographer. Just a technical question: What kind of illumination (flashguns, etc..) do you use in your work? You have technique, good light, wonderful posing but above all you have style. (The thing my clients don't let me achieve) So my friend, thanks. Great portfolio to study and think through possibilities. I recomend that everyone would see here something else then naked women - there is life here. John you are my favorite photographer, see the list of people that are interested in my gallery, you are the first.

I just wanted to say hello and let you know that your work inspires me. I always find it a difficult situation asking a model to pose a certain way or even bend a certain way! i would like to thank you for the fantastic comment you gave me. My family and shots of three sister you have, have incommon one thing - ability to be here and now with open heart. And I am sure there is always something to come back on this page. All the emotions that you have (no matter who yoy are or where you live as we all share the same emotions), are also here. Your work reflects in everyone who dares to look a little deeper. I don't think however that I have argued with you in any way. For me, you are a my target, I make some attempt but I can't reach your ability to shot a glamour and fashion pictures.

Are they usually professional models or simply volunteers or friends?

Do you direct them to exactly how you want them to pose or do you tend to give like "simulated situations/reactions"?

kinda insrtuctions and shoot away and pick the best shots? I have just lost one hour of my life browsing your stunning collection.

Only logged on to post a single image, found one of yours and realised I have so much to learn. photo_id=2230617 I dont have to tell you that you have a great talent, well done sir.


  1. I'm starting out and am trying to improve my technique and shots and would really appreciate help from someone like you. Lights: Do you use any from of lighting set up to achieve your results?

  2. I can see that you shoot at various locations but do you normally prefer to shoot in a studio or a "home studio" kinda setup?

  3. Or just shoot with whatever you happend to have with you at the moment and make the ambient light work for you.

  4. Subject: How and where did you get your subjects to pose for you?

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