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If this wasn't enough, he composed the score of such movies as Mike Patton was born in Eureka, California on the 27th of January in 1968.

Mike got hooked on coffee in his early, formative years, and recalls watching cartoons for hours each day, while drinking coffee.

Patton views Walt Disney composer Carl Stalling as one of his biggest idols.

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Mike Patton spent his early years singing in bands such as Mr. The latter gained him international recognition, and helped him build a loyal fan base.

Whereas many musicians forge a career out of producing and playing with only one ensemble, Patton went on to play in a number of formations across a variety of styles and genres.

He created trip-hop influenced pop tunes with Peeping Tom, sang Italian mid-twentieth century influenced tunes backed with a classical orchestra with Mondo Cane.

He also recorded sexy lunge tunes with Dan The Automator, and sang on an album of mathcore superstars Dillinger Escape Plan.

Stalling went on to compose for the Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies, thus his work was an important influence on the young, cartoon loving Mike Patton.

It is no wonder that Patton went on to compose songs that mix together a variety of styles.

Watching cartoons with scores that cut between swing, classical music as well as latin tunes within a matter of minutes made an impression on his young mind.

Birth Name: Michael Allan Patton Place of Birth: Eureka, California, United States Date of Birth: January 27, 1968 Ethnicity: Finnish (maternal grandfather), English, Scottish, German, distant Welsh Mike Patton is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, film composer, producer, and actor.

He is known as the lead singer of the alternative metal band Faith No More.

He is the son of Patrick Charles Patton and Carole Anne Jarvela. Mike’s paternal grandparents are Lester William Patton (the son of Robert Reasoner Patton and Jane Ann Jackson) and Queenie Elizabeth Ming/Mings (the daughter of Columbus Ming/Mings and Clara Amanda Perry).

Many “Ming” families in the American South originate with James Ming, who was born, c. Mike’s maternal grandparents are Paul Raymond Jarvela (the son of William Andrew Jarvela and Senia Saari) and Barbara J.

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