Who is kym marsh dating

Kym Marsh’s most recent selfie will either have you droolling, feeling envious or just downright guilty for enjoying the festive foods a bit too much.The hot mother-of-two was up early on Sunday morning for a gruelling workout, and later took to Twitter to show us all the results.

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In 2002 Kym married Jack Ryder, 33, while she was still in Hear'Say, before splitting up in 2008.

A few months later the star announced she was dating Jamie Lomas – best known for playing Warren Fox in Hollyoaks. These are the partners Kym has chosen to make public and it is not known who else she dated prior to hitting the spotlight, or even post.

In 2011, Marsh gave birth to their daughter, Polly.

The 39-year-old is the latest celeb to have her own fitness-DVD, called Power Sculpt, in which she dons a similar revealing workout outfit. One person tweeted: “Wow look at those abs, what’s your secret apart from hard work of course?

”“Wow you look amazing Kym, six pack proper toned xx,” another commented.

The soap star – who plays Michelle Mc Donald – is said to be feeling "humiliated, and very vulnerable".

The Sun reports they were offered a film, allegedly showing Kym performing a sex act on a man and naked pictures of her in revealing poses, earlier this month.

The 57-second clip is said to feature one of 40-year-old Kym's former partners, but his identity could not be verified.

A source said: "Kym had absolutely no idea any sex tape existed, let alone that it was in the hands of a person vile enough to attempt to cash in on it."This news has left her reeling.

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