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Then the period between first and second marriage she sees dating with multiple men.But she gives heart to , this time she is quite mature so both decides to engage first.

A pretty woman always remains weakness of a man even she going elder, her attitude is a major reason to fall down a man.

Here we discusses a woman that is really beautiful, in teenage she is one pretty girl and man is always attractive towards her.

As she going elder attitude came in her life that makes her more attractive.

She is only Eva Longoria, a relationship history that start from Eva Longoria ex Boyfriend list to current that who bf is Eva Longoria dating in 2016 is cover at this place.

After five year of first marriage Eva Longoria decides to marry with Tony Parker.

Then they spend a happy life together, but a twist comes in their relationship when Eva Longoria filed for divorce.

This is quite shocking for every of fan that remain till she reveal the reason of this divorce.

Starts from first husband then she fall in love with at start of career.

This is her first love, she had decided to married soon in this first experience.

But this decision was wrong one, after two year of wedding they had decided to parted ways.

After this Eva Longoria has decided to focus on her work and said that now she waits for right option that may proves well after first worst experience.

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