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blackfoxx answered: Mmm kind of did this topic on twitter this week so you if you want more you can check it out @tgirlinterruptd But the answer is somewhere between no not necessarily but probably so.

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Within that framework, some hold more currency and others (transwomen) can actually subvert heteronormative male sexualities.

The opinions and shared norms of sexuality among peers, performed on womens bodies, plays a huge part in constructing their sexuality as well.

You can imagine where transwomen fall on this scale.

Theres also the fact that most men dont even have enough literacy of our bodies and our lives to even know who we are and if they are attracted to us.

And dont attempt to do so because of cisnormativity.

With that being said, we live in the world we live in.If a man chooses not to date a transwoman, whatever the reason, that is his choice (though one probably informed by cisnormativity.) I am however concerned with if, in not dating transwomen, he also reinforces cissexism and transphobia in his words and actions.Everything is not for everybody nor does it have to be (even though ironically transwomen seem to always get the short end of this stick hmmm.) But what are men doing to not actively continue & participate in this cycle of shame around transwomens bodies?What are they doing to stop putting our lives at risk? In choosing not to date us, are they offering up bioessentialist rhetoric and trying to delegitimize/undermine our genders?So basically, cisnormativity heavily informs our desires. If in working through that, you still dont find yourself attracted to transwomen?Then thats fine, but what are you doing to create & not participate in a society that shames & degrades the concept of desire around transbodies?

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