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"Nothing encourages a little healthy reflection and self-assessment like having a kid.

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You'd throw your shoulders back and wipe your clammy paw against your sweater in anticipation of his too-firm handshake.

In most cases, it was like shaking hands with a smiling canned ham. The more impressive the girl, the worse her father. I mean, aren't parents the most indecipherable of all human beings?

If your date was Goldilocks, her dad looked like Shrek, big, green and warty. "Of course, that's not exactly what her father meant.

How honest should we be with our children when that honesty fosters new fears?

Dawson doesn't claim to have the answers, but watching him wrestle with the questions is more satisfying anyway." —Dan Kois, , Mike Dawson uses visual storytelling to offer original, compelling, and funny commentary on fatherhood, gun rights, the gender of toys, and staying sane in a world where school shootings and Disney princesses get equal billing.

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Once upon a time, callow young men almost always met their dates' dads.

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