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So, text once and when you get a reply you may text back.

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If you don’t know how to text a girl back in a way that keeps building attraction and sexual tension… Whenever you get ready to send a text, take a moment to run through these rules, courtesy of Stylelife Academy: Rule 1: Don’t text to avoid phone conversation. Call her.” It seems to me that many guys, especially those that are just entering the social arts, see texting as a safer arena for contacting woman than calling them.

Before you send out a text message to a woman you should ask yourself what you hope to gain by this action. This is wholly understandable, but entirely unacceptable. If you just met a woman and you number closed her, then your next goal is to have a second meeting with this woman.

The question pertaining to texting that I receive most from guys generally goes like this: “The other day I met this girl, and we had a good time. Keep in mind that the likelihood that you will set this up with her via text message is lower than if you call her and build more comfort verbally. ” In my opinion these texts come off as needy and invoke no emotion in the woman you are contacting.

My contribution was: Text 1: What do you call a fish with no eyes?

(Wait for her response) Text 2: Fssshhh In addition, if you are texting a woman try and use a humorous “call-back” from the previous time you spoke with her.

A “call-back” is a comedic technique in which you restate a joke you have said previously after a length of time.For example, if you had previously given a woman you are texting a nickname, like “Tiny Fingers” or “Grabby Hands”, then use this in your text. I know she might be the only thing on your mind at the moment but let’s keep that a secret between us, otherwise you may freak her out.Also, if you are texting because of your fear of interacting with this woman, then how will you ever hope to interact with her comfortably face to face? Whenever I send an initial text I do not ask an open ended question that is intended to seek value. When I text, my goal is to elicit emotion and display my playful personality.I would only consider texting a woman in order to set up a day two in three possible scenarios. Example texts of these are “I just saw a guy wearing a fanny pack and it reminded me of you.” or “Hey dork!🙂 I bet you are operating at a level of 100% dorkiness today.” Really lame jokes work well as initial text to get a good laugh and display playfulness.A recent thread in the Elite forum field tested this concept and had some nice examples of these.

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