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Twin pines dairy had company picnics there also Milky the clown was always there the rides were free for the day All the milk fruit drink and ice cream bars you could eat The early 60s were the years I went with my family My father Gene Goike owned a couple routes in ferndale. I remember going to Edgewater Park when I was visiting my grandmother for the summer with my friend Nina. We met 2 young men from Detroit who we took a liking to, and we would travel by bus visiting various sites. My grandmother never knew that we were meeting these big city guys!! the rouge river was our highway with bonniebrook golf course cutting through the middle.the original entrance for edgewater was actually off berg rd, and had a cable and wood bridge that was were they originally had the entrance signage over. WE WERE THE STREET THAT THE BUS ON GRAND RIVER WOULD DROP PPL OFF ON THEY WALK TO 7 MILE THEN HEAD BACK TO GRAND RIVER IN THERE STRAW HATS AND CANES.

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We used to go to henries for burgers or pals pizza or to primo,s barber shop all on 7near dubois schoolwe used to climb the steps on the school and slide down the fireescape in the winter we used to climb around on the rides even to the top of the coaster iceskate at rouge golf course north of seven off berg behind the clubhouse they built a rink and in the spring ride the ice flows down the river and sneek into edgewater it was a great time to be alive and a kid in western detroit there was actually a horse farm across the street from st eugenes and i remember the reddick family on berg we used to go to blue dot market next door berg and 8 and i new her brothers all redheads. Imagine my surprise upon seeing a photo that I'm pretty sure includes me, my Mom & my Nana It is the one with the girl & the older woman sitting at an umbrella table, noted as a 'family photo'. When I got older I joined the Detroit Police Department in 1967.

I got assigned to the 16th precinct which was at Six mile and Grand River and guess what, Edgewater was in our precinct.

We received quite a few police runs to the park but never anything serious.

I'm so taken back recalling all the great times at Edgewater.

It was last field trip every year of our summer bible studies class.

I attended just to go to edgewater, I went 6 years straight '74 - '80.

Its was the highpoint of not just the summer but the high point of my youth. and they had a few new attractions and i remember working with an electrician,,,the park was getting a bit dated and used by this time and i did odd jobs around the park during winter(painting ,clean up and when the park opened that spring(1979) i was a ride operator. i guess knowing say some 10 year prior it was like a mega park.

I loved to ride the haughted house and the octopus. Does anyone have information about the dance marathon held at Edgewater Park in the 20's? to seeing what went on behind the scene -made it lose its luster in my mind.

It was simply all-american fun & I will always cherish those times. My mother was in it and I'm trying to find more information about it. but it was fun to work there and walk through the spook house with the working lights on -remembering how scared the ride made me feel and walking around the roller coaster looking at it from a tech stand point. and like many people on here i would wash cars,rake leaves,cut grass,do odd jobs so i would have money to take the bus out there and have fun. I just knew it was going to go off the tracks on every turn.

I have her old photos from it and she said her and her partner won the marathon and the prize was ,000. Ford Motor company would have their family fun day -and rented out the entire park for Ford employes and my uncle took me to this each year they had it. My childhood was not the greatest, but Edgewater Park brings back so many wonderful memories. It always seemed like the front half of the car was hanging over.

its was great to be there with other family's that knew each other rather than the general public. I loved looking at all the pictures everyone posted, so many wonderful memories. we lived on beaverland and then we moved to leewin about 1958 taft jr high was actually an apple orchard and the reason the front of it was sloped down so much was because it used to be our turtle pond.


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