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hmer women are cute, soft-spoken, conflict-shy and average looking. Much more so than the women in neighboring countries.

If you somehow defy the odds or go the route of the pros, as so many do, I believe Khmers and Westerners are too different for it to work long-term.

You’ll simply run into issues that don’t apply in any other country or setting.

Intellectually then, a Khmer 25-year-old is at or below a Western primary school level. The conversations and topics you can engage in will be limited to trivial matters about food, clothes and the weather.

After ten minutes this becomes extremely repetitive in my book.

If this doesn’t face you, or you simply want a relationship with any type of Cambodian girl regardless of; Then Phnom Penh’s riverside bars and cafes, plus Street 51 around the Heart of Darkness Club is the place to make it happen.

he more hardcore a country’s communist past, the more hardworking, entrepreneurial and business oriented the populace. Getting things done no matter how is the name of the game in Nam.

The same attitude spills over into other areas of life.

Another downside is the virtual non-existence of humor in Cambodian society. Hardly surprising given the horrendous modern history of the country.

You can test this by smiling to random people around town.

In Thailand everyone will smile back at you in a genuine display of happiness.

In Cambodia, women will make strange faces and think you’re insane for smiling when there’s nothing to smile about.

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