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Only time we have is when he says he’s downstairs and that’s pretty much it.

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How can you tell if a man you are talking to at an online dating site is married?

A reader recently contacted me about an issue she was having with a guy she was dating.

Our conversation reminded me that married men dating online isn’t a problem that all women are considering when looking at dating issues.

This is something I have talked about in the past when I wrote about watching out for online dating scams, but it felt like it would be good to discuss this once again.

His disappearing acts have gotten the best of me lately. I decided to send him one last text on Sunday and no reply. All is fine here” He said “I thought you were mad at me.” Now…how could he think I am mad at him if his phone was disconnected for all these days and we hadn’t even spoken?

After seeing him on a Wednesday night, we said our good byes and that was that. Monday comes along and he texts, “Hello how are you? He replies, “I’m better…sorry I didn’t text you but my phones been disconnected.” I decided that it was a lie. Then, the thing he doesn’t know it that I visited his profile those days and he had logged on each day.

So no money for phone but you can go online all weekend and couldn’t even send me a message through there?

Now let me say that I don’t see married men using online dating services as a huge, rampant problem…but it is something to be aware of.

When this reader contacted me, she wasn’t even thinking along these lines.

She was just thinking the man she was trying to date was difficult to communicate with.

Here is some of her email: We never talk on the phone.


  1. Only time we have is when he says he’s downstairs and that’s pretty much it.

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