Sex dates in nederland english

I tell her and she looks at me and says: ‘He’s not in the office today.’I shrug.

‘Could you check to see if I have an appointment today? A few minutes later, my name is called and I introduce myself to the nurse who I very quickly realise isn’t especially well-versed in English.

She has an assistant with her who, apparently, speaks no English at all.

We go into the office and the nurse asks me to sit, so she can explain the procedure.

The Dutch have very distinctive ideas about sexual health, as Molly Quell found out.

A few weeks ago, I got a letter telling me I was old. I got a letter, from the government, saying that because I am turning 30 this year, it’s time for a pap smear.

In the Netherlands, women only start getting pap smears done when they turn 30 and then every five years.In the US, you typically start getting them done when you become sexually active or when you turn 18.From then on, you have them done once a year, during your yearly check up.(Though now the recommendation has changed to every three years.)Needless to say, I have had plenty of pap smears done.I call my doctor’s office and make my appointment, indicating that I got the aforementioned letter.When I arrive several days later for said appointment, the receptionist asks me for my name and the name of my doctor.

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