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To tell you she was pretty is a criminal understatement.I would describe her face as "striking." Aunt Regina also had a sexy body. I think I'll visit her more often, as a good nephew should.She was plump but well proportioned, with a 36 inch bust and and ass that had to be 38 inches. "Well," she said, "We'll just have to go with plan B." With that she leaned over and took me in her mouth. And believe me, I going to do my best to be a VERY good nephew. One Saturday when I came into her apartment instead of giving her a hello peck on the check I kissed her on the lips and held the kiss a bit longer than normal.

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As a result of this and other transgressions, I'm considered the family screw up by most of them.

The main exception is my father's sister, Aunt Regina.

She was about 27 when I started to think of her sexually.

She had luxurious red hair and the typical pale skin and freckles.

I'm an average looking guy who comes from a tight family. I am also someone with some special (to put it mildly) sexual desires.

I'll come out and say it: I'm attracted to some of my female relatives.

I once got drunk at a party and propositioned my cousin.

She had been kidding me about my being handsome and I jumped to the wrong conclusion.

When I was a kid, I would spend some weekends at Aunt Regina and Uncle Harry's house and play games with their daughter, cousin Diane. It was weird, because I mainly interacted with Diane that weekend and didn't notice Aunt Regina at all, not in a sexual way. I replied by asking her if she remembered when she had been kissed like that.

What was also weird was I was too young to have any ejaculate. I turned to her and said, "Well I guess I have a new lover." "You mean you want me after today? "If things were different, I'd run off somewhere and live with you. I said that we only kissed like I just did when we were teenagers; when we got married; when we were having sex or on really special occasions. We did it numerous times and she said that she was 60 years old and was being turned on by her 40 year old son.

When I tried to jerk off, my dick would convulse and nothing would come out. I asked her how that felt and she said that it felt good. We wound up having sex that day and for many a weekend after that.


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