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Apparently, the website — which claims to love confronting "bullies, bigots, and hypocrites" — didn't see the harm in listing closeted LGBT athletes' chosen sports and corresponding countries, including one nation that is heavily anti-gay!What's worse is that Editor-in-Chief John Avlon actually addressed readers' concerns by removing the names of countries after the fact…but decided to keep the majority of the post intact.

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We previously reported how the reality TV starlet called the cops on her ex that day, though no arrests were made.

Related: Lisa Marie Presley Has Reportedly Entered Rehab NYPD confirmed the disturbance at the former couple's Manhattan home, revealing: "Officers received a call at a.m. When officers showed up they spoke to both parties and advised for each, if they felt threatened by the other, to file a restraining order." Then on Thursday, it was revealed that the investment banker reportedly planned to file for full custody of their two children, Jagger and Rio.

But in regards to this new dramatic development, a rep for Jules shared with We cannot believe it's already been two years.

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It's no secret Rob Kardashian has an on-again, off-again relationship with social media — but on Thursday the 29-year-old made yet another triumphant return to Instagram in order to publicly congratulate his baby sis Kendall Jenner on her highly-coveted ever since the Sony hack revealed the plan back in 2014!

We had no idea how it would work — especially since Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones' characters were going to be swapped out with younger actors — but we frankly didn't care!Photo: 's latest couple Jo Jo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are already engaged, they've only been together for a handful of months — and we're sure there's plenty of things they don't know about each other yet.Well, a cross-country road trip is definitely a good chance for some quality time! Related: Jo Jo & Jordan Pack On The PDA During Their Sun Soaked Vacay!As you may know already, the 25-year-old beauty chose the former footballer at the end of her season — and now they're making the move to begin their life together in Jo Jo's hometown of Dallas. Most of the shenanigans involve sing-a-longs, Chipotle, and the brown-haired beauty sleeping while Jordan entertains himself. Jordz even started the hashtags #Jo Jo Sleeps Watch2016 and #Jordan Needs To Poop Watch2016 which basically sums up us on any road trip, ever.Follow along with their journey (below) and in the gallery (above)!!! While the 2016 Summer Olympic games have already had their fair share of controversy in the first week, none of the scandals have really had potentially deadly repercussions… That's because a reporter for decided it would be a good idea to download Grindr and write a story about all the people who contacted him on the dating app in the Olympic Village on Wednesday. and the journalist, Nico Hines, just so happens to be straight!Photo: 16 Out Olympians To Watch At The 2016 Rio Olympics!

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