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When i Tunes finished the upgrading process close the i Tunes.Go back to Tiny Umberella and hit the “Kick Device Out of Recovery” button. you successfully upgrade i Phone 4 to i OS 4.1 without updating its baseband.How to jailbreak i OS 4.1 on i Phone 4, i Phone 3GS, i Pod Touch 3G, i Pod Touch 4G.

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You’ve had your fun flouting Apple’s restrictions, and now you want vanilla i OS back in all its glory.

Upgrading your i Phone 4 to i OS 4.1 will update its baseband from to 2.10.4 and baseband 2.10.4 is not unlockable at the moment.

Pwnage Tool is an option to preserve i Phone baseband but at the moment it doesn’t support i OS 4.1.

Second option to preserve baseband of i Phone 4 is Tiny Umbrella, using this utility you can save SHSH blobs of your i Devices and also preserve i Phone 4 baseband .

Lets see how to update i Phone 4 to i OS 4.1 without updating baseband.

Run the i Tunes and make sure Tiny Umbrella’s TSS Server is running which we have started in step-3.

Hold the “Shift” key on Windows or “Alt” key on Mac then click on “Restore” button on i Tunes and choose i OS 4.1 firmware file that you have downloaded in step-1.

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