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Last summer as I boarded my girlfriend's SUV, she announced, "You have to listen to this song.It will make you laugh." She popped in a country music CD and I giggled my way through Cooler Online, a song about a guy who works at Pizza Hut, drives a Hyundai, lives with his mom and dad and is 5'3".

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From a fiction standpoint, this song is hilarious, but from a nonfiction view, it's not funny at all.

How many men—or women—have fallen prey to someone on the Internet who has lied about their identity?

This is the first rule for online fishing: Don't use bad bait.

Bad bait is anything that fish don't like or goes against God's principles of integrity. A second kind of bad bait is posting pictures that are immodest or using a distasteful screen name.

I've heard many times that there are a lot of fish in the sea, or numerous men to date in the world.

Certainly, there are innumerable "fish" in cyberspace, where millions of singles converge to meet daily.Have you ever wondered if there are rules for catching "fish" online? And, I like to think they are similar to the rules for fishing with a worm and a pole.Here are a few things to keep in mind as you travel the ocean of online dating and start fishing for men—or women—online.The first type of bad bait is lying, about your age, height, marital status or anything else. Remember, if you want to catch a date with high morals, you've got to exemplify what you want. Following the ABCs of good grammar and spelling will get you everywhere.As a kid, my dad took me to the sporting goods store to purchase my fishing license.I had no idea that I needed permission to put my pole in the water, even if I didn't catch anything.


  1. Join Andrew and Morag as they explain these common contractions.

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  3. ABC news report that although these Black women are highly educated and socioeconomically successful, they have yet to find a Black man with the same education and job status as theirs.

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