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Pressing and holding any accessory shortcut invokes a full screen controller.Within the Home app you’ll find three main screens: Home, Rooms, and Automation.

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Home Kit, Apple’s smart home accessory framework, is gaining some much needed attention in i OS 10 and watch OS 3 thanks to a new built-in Home app for i Phone, i Pad, and Apple Watch.

Apple previously relied on third-party apps from accessory makers to control the Home Kit experience, using Siri as the only first-party controller, and various apps like the third-party Home app and Hesperus filled in the void.

Apple’s new Home app comes with a modern look, relatively easy-to-use controls, and access to accessories and scenes from anywhere on i OS 10.

Check out our hands-on below to see Apple’s Home app for i Phone, i Pad, and Apple Watch in action.

The Rooms screen lets you swipe between various rooms you create in your house, and only scenes and accessories relevant to each room will appear.

Each room can have its own wallpaper too, so you can visually distinguish which is which.Third is the Automation screen which lets you put Home Kit to work using various triggers to active scenes and accessories. Many Home Kit accessories can be toggled with a tap, and pressing and holding on a tile from Control Center or within the app invokes a full screen controller with more options when available.i OS 10 puts Apple’s new built-in Home app on the i Phone’s Home screen, plus you can access a ton of functions from the lock screen or anywhere on i OS from the new Control Center (a swipe up from the bottom of the screen) once you have a Home Kit accessory set up.Testing on i Phone SE, Home Kit shortcuts in Control Center show up for nine favorite accessories and eight favorite scenes; 9.7-inch i Pad Pro presents 12 accessories and 12 scenes.You can tap the Home icon to launch the full app or tap scenes/accessories to toggle between the two modes.The grid of shortcuts is fully functional just like being in the full app.


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