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Feelings and Thoughts Whatever you think about will bring about.

Your feelings and thoughts that attacks you, events, circumstances, people and things will corresponds to those feelings and thoughts.

According to Abraham Hicks teachings, Law of Attraction is primarily defined as “like attracts like” or attracting everything that you are in harmonious vibration with.

You are the primary cause of all the things that occurs in your life.

Apart from that this law also put emphasis on the things, events and circumstances that are attracted in your life.

So no matter what happened, you had the role on it.

Subconscious Mind Has Its Power Your subconscious mind is considered to be the power behind such kind of law.

When you are going to consciously give clear images and instructions about what you want and even the satisfaction you may felt when the desire already passed, your subconscious mind makes use of its vast resources to turn it out into a reality.

So, here is one of the secret of attraction that you need to put emphasis with and this is “to uphold change with your subconscious mind, you need to completely lessen your conscious effort”.

For instance, you are experiencing trouble sleeping; the harder you went to sleep the more wide awake you stay.

This is due to the fact that when you try hard to do things, your subconscious mind will greatly believed that the activity you wanted to accomplish is too difficult for you.


  1. Feelings and Thoughts Whatever you think about will bring about.

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