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As you stated they have slow cash burn rate and if we could see oil back at 60 then we should at least see a good rise in share price from current level.The funny thing is the oilers with the money in the bank are the ones that are getting hit hard, i'm in ophir and fog and they are well funded but down big time so can't really make that out. Children on the waiting list will be notified June 14 if there is an available spot.

SRX1400 consolidates multiple security services and networking functions in a highly available 3 U appliance featuring a modular design that uses common form-factor modules serviceable from the front panel.

It incorporates innovations that improve reliability, enhance network availability, and deliver deterministic performance of concurrent security services at scale.

A carrier-grade appliance, SRX1400 has been designed from the ground up for a long, trouble-free service life of continuous operation in demanding, high-performance data center network environments.

I don�t know if anyone remembers myself or borolad and fram. I did, however, do very well out of my original RKH holding. Please will you consider supporting my Brave to Shave for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of our lost cyber chums?

We used to post here back in the day (2009/2010) before moving onto SXX and other shares. Donations can be made by following the link below:-https:// Many grateful thanks in advance.

ATVB BB Hopefully this will put to bed the scaremongers that the Yanks have gone home , far from it, I think negotiations are still going on between PMO and RKH and the whole future of the the FI story, watch this space , all we need is a steady spike in POO and we will see massive gains all round.

Fingers crossed mate i think this is way undervalued here, rkh got a good deal with the all share takeover of fogl.

Sevi, your Artificial Intelligent Property Chat Bot, allows you to easily Search, Evaluate, Valuate your home (X-Listing Price), and Initiate transactions with the right property agent.

The SRX1400 Services Gateway is a professional-grade platform for security ideally suited for small to mid-size enterprise, service provider, and mobile operator 10Gb E network environments, where consolidated functionality, uncompromising performance, and services integration are required.

Integrated security intelligence offers adaptive threat protection against command and control (C&C) related botnets and Web application threats, and policy enforcement based on Geo IP data.

Customers may also leverage their own custom and third-party feeds for protection from advanced malware and other threats.

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