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Fun fact In 2014, according to the Migration Policy Institute, about 79% more » Episode Description Welcome to Culips’s first Real Talk episode, where we explain practical expressions and vocabulary to help you get around in English-speaking places!

In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne teach you extremely useful phrases for taking a cab.

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Join Andrew and Morag as they explain these common contractions.

Fun fact Contractions are a shortened form of a word or a group of words.

They have been around for a very long time, dating more » Episode description Join Andrew as he talks to Paula, the new author of a book written specifically for adult ESL learners!

Come take it easy and learn all about Paula, a Brazilian immigrant to the United States who has achieved her American dream.

Episode description Have you ever dreamed of visiting an English-speaking country?

Get ready for your travels with this Real Talk episode, where Andrew and Morag discuss some of the most useful phrases for asking for directions.

Fun fact At 9.985 million km2, Canada is the second largest country in the world, right behind Russia.

The more » Episode description Have you ever wondered what on earth the Culips hosts mean when they say gonna, lotta, or kinda?

Episode Description Do you know what’s just around the corner? Join Andrew and Morag as they talk about the ways they celebrate their nation’s birthday.

Whether you celebrate with fireworks or with cultural festivals, Canada Day is a day to party hard! Join Andrew and Maura for a conversation about what they do each and every morning.

Have you ever pretended to be something you’re not? Join Andrew and Maura as they introduce and explain three expressions that are used to describe people and things that are inauthentic or fake. You’ll learn more about them than you ever thought you would! In this episode, Andrew and Harp take a trip to dreamland. Do you ever find yourself looking at your smartphone just a little too often? In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Maura get to the bottom of addiction to technology.

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