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The outcome of the night sky game however Unzip the PATCH700file.

Replace the pictures in the 'datingsimulator/images' folder with the patched ones.

What if I told you, you can have the best of both worlds?

But that will be explained in the next walkthrough... The Ariane B 7 visual patch pack An easy way to win the night sky game is to download the visual patch pack and to replace the original images with the patched ones.

But as always, (deliberately) losing the game, will show alternative images.

Most of the time Ariane B will reward you if you win (in a few isolated cases she doesn't).

If you have played the previous you can just go on, otherwise... The picture has 2 hotpoints with the same label, be sure to choose the good one.

First: Introduction Second: Steak Dinner After dinner, don't go to the patio but to the park (click on the front door). It is a small round crater a bit up and left from the center, NOT the big grey area a bit up and right from the center with the same label.

If you have won the game Ariane B will give you a reward.

Your ship has crashed and you are rescued onto a ship full of girls!

You are out in galaxy, and are trying to get with the galaxy angel.

If you have downloaded (and installed) the Ariane B 700 patch pack to win the basketball game from the previous walkthrough you may have noticed that this image pack also contains some pictures of a starry night and the moon.

Now we will explain how to play (and win) the stargazing contest.

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