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Perhaps this is why the websites like 'Facebook', 'Contacts' are so popular these days.

They allow people to communicate and even become close without meeting up.

Datingsite in the world

Aristotle said that there are three different categories of friends.

People often say that our modern way of life, with its individualism and fast speed, has made the world a lonely place.

So many of us live and work surrounded by people, but it is hard to find true friendship.

The faces we see each day are like pictures in a gallery; the talk that we hear is just sound.

Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about. Read aloud the extract which says about the changes in the modern society.

It seems that many people's idea of friendship has changed nowadays. What do people think about people who have no friends?

People think about people who have no friends that they are strange and we pity them.

What does Aristotle say about the three types of friendship? Friends enjoy doing things together and they have a lot of interests in common.

The first type is when people are friends because of some advantage that the friendship gives us. The third type the friendship is so close that it seems that one soul hard work of writing work.

My country, the Russian Federation, is the largest state in the world.

Its territory is over 17 million square kilometers, the population being more than 150 million.

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