Dating services trial periods

There were periods of communication followed by long silences..on again off again sort of relationship."High says that people who communicate online can feel attachments as strongly as in person.---Kozak's older sister Jenay Winn is called to the stand after High.

Barkhoff says he knows how to take statements from witnesses who are upset.

He is being asked about a statement he took from a friend of Farrington's, Carly Fridrich.

"You can tell she had been through a great ordeal," he said.----Next on the stand is Andrew High, a University of Iowa communication studies professor, talking about online communication.

When talking about Kozak and Farrington's communication relationship he says, "It seems as though there was a relationship with some commitment, some intimacy.

I didn't really think anything was wrong," she says.

Winn says she agrees with what her mother has said about Kozak so far.

Winn and her mother both didn't know that her brother was getting married to Kellie Kozak, and they weren't invited to the wedding.

Kozak's mother returns to the stand Thursday morning in the murder trial of her son.

She says until he shot Andrea Farrington, she had never known him to be violent, "He never wanted to be noticed."Cyndy Mc Comas, Kozak's mother says he has never had a mental health diagnosis.

Mc Comas says her son has always carried a knife with him since he was 10-years-old, and many of the weapons he had were from the family."Anywhere we went we had weapons, we carried weapons as a family," Mc Comas said.

Kozak is accused of First Degree Murder for shooting and killing Andrea Farrington inside of Coral Ridge Mall.----Next on the stand is Jeffrey Barkhoff a detective with the Coralville Police Department.

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