Dating girl 13 years younger

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of questions from you guys about dating a younger person.

A lot of you are wondering if it’s weird/creepy/not okay to date a dude who’s younger than you. But as a girl with a younger boyfriend, I’m here to tell you guys a little secret: it’s seriously no big deal.

Especially curious in years around the twenties, where there’s ability to relate without it being creepy (both adults, etc) yet its not an age where it really doesn’t make any difference, like over 40.

This is asked from a man, who often goes after beautiful older women.

I would date a 40 year old that looked 20 but had the sense of humour of a 12 year old.

It’s the same as judging someone for their looks or for where they work – it’s unfair.

Let’s all agree to stop making age a huge issue and to focus more on someone’s personality than their birthday date.

So many men go after younger girls, making it somewhat of a commonality, but the opposite of that is quite a bit less common.

I’m wondering what the women think when they encounter love with a boy/man younger than them, either by 3 years or 8 or whatever.

Honestly, I’m sick of people making a big deal about the fact that my boyfriend is younger than me. The second I said his age, the majority of them raised their eyebrows. ” they would ask, confused expressions taking over their faces. I’m a pretty non-confrontational person, so I usually shrug and say, “It’s really not a big deal.” What I really want to do is say, “You’re extremely rude” and walk away, but… The point is, why do people think it sucks to have a younger boyfriend?

His age doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t matter to him and it has never affected our relationship… When I first started dating my boyfriend, my friends were all super excited for me. I know that typically, girls mature faster than guys, and so a lot of people think younger guys are more likely to be immature and to act like a bad boyfriend. The first time I went on a date with my boyfriend, I’ll admit that I was a tiny bit worried about his age – but my worry was more about what my friends would think than anything else.


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