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How to Get a Geek Girl (Yes, it is Possible) Let's all be brutally honest right up front: if you're reading this, you're a geek. Add to that the (not entirely undeserved) stereotype that we're socially awkward dorks, and it's no surprise that so many of us have trouble finding a girlfriend who shares our geeky interests, even beginning to doubt that such a kind of girl exists. There are girls out there who, though they may not seem it, geek out every bit as much as boys do. We're going to try to share our experiences with you, to help you find that she-geek of your own. Anyway, if there's one universal truth in the world of geekery, it's this: there are more geeky guys than there are geeky girls. So we can't claim to have all the answers, but we must have been doing something right.

It's just a question of knowing how to find them, and then how to treat them. Obviously, if you never meet a geeky girl, you'll never interact with her and never have a chance to go beyond that.

We may not be experts on the subject, but we'll still try to give you some tips. So the first thing you need to do is go where the girls are.

Consider the places you yourself normally go: toy stores, electronics stores, probably the comicshop on Wednesday afternoons... If those places were swamped with girls, then hey, you wouldn't need this step.

Of course, odds are the only people you see when you go there are other nerds just as pasty and desperate as yourself.

Well, that's a great way to meet bar skanks, but unless you're in San Diego during Comic-Con weekend, the odds of finding a geek girl in a bar are worse than the chances of successfully navigating an asteroid field.

You need someone who not only gets an obscure Star Wars reference like that, but also won't think you're a loser for using it, and a bar is not the place to find them. Think about the personality of your average geek: somewhat shy and reserved in public, but fiercely interested in the things they care about and ready to have fun with their friends.That applies to vagina-bearing geeks just as much as it does to the ones with everything on the outside.And they probably all have a penis, so no luck there, either.What you need to do is expand your "territory." If the girls aren't coming to you (and they're not), then you need to go to the girls.That may be the hardest part of this process: determining the mindset of these wholly alien creatures known as "females" and figuring out how they spend their time.When searching for a geek girl, you can't do the quote/unquote "normal" things, the things that all-purpose pickup guides would suggest. The general idea is to go out, get lubricated by alcohol, and meet new people, right?

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