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She is very innocent and thinks me just a child and treats me as her friend. When, I began to remove her panty, my fingers felt some vibration. Then, standing close and in front of her, I almost embraced her to open her bra and in doing so, my chest pressed her soft boobs. I have almost gripped her body and it looked as if an effort to open her bra to her. When I pulled her panty down, she covered her pussy crack with her palm. But I couldn’t get the privilage to see her fuck hole. She has got soft, stiff and rounded boobs with brown nipples.

Any aunty to sex in up-45

I thought she want the help in cleaning the toilet seat.

I rubbed my fingers on her pelvis region and also her thighs. She took me to her bathroom and told me to undress her and bathe her.

Then we proceeded to her bedroom and talked for some time. I could smell nice aroma of urine coming from her pussy. This time I intentionally slid my finger into her hole while washing her ass. When we came out she told me that she could not bathe for two days as her fingers are not working.

I knew that I was going to have great fun for the next two weeks. She told me to scratch her pelvis region it was itiching. But before I could see her pussy, she immediately covered her pussy with her palm.

My innocent cousin as I promised you I would come again with more erotic story. Luckily she lives next to my house so she was quite friendly to me. One day she fell down the staircase while cleaning the spiderweb and got serious injury on her fingers. He examined her fingers and wrote some medicine to her and told that She would not be able to move her fingers for next 2 weeks due to some internal cut.

It was a real incident which happened with my neighbour aunty Varnita. She has a daughter married two year before and her husband who comes home late at night coming to her appearence. She was in a big problem as she couldn’t do any work.

She is a beautiful woman with little bit of innocence on her face. I consoled her and told her to ring me any time whenever she requires my help.

I was surprised to find that she was in the toilet. But when i entered inside, I was shocked to see varnita aunty shitting.

Then I reached her boobs and covered both of her boobs with my palms and rubbed them nicely. I spread both of my palms and started rubbing her thighs. Can you shave here, I saw lot of hairs and smelled aroma of her urine. I could see a tight pink pussy as if she havent had sex for a long time. Her pussy was so tight and plumpy that I wanted my penis gripped inside her pussy. After we finished our dinner, she told me to stay with her for the night as her husband has gone pune for some purpose and so there is no one to take care of her at night. Aunty suddenly got up and covered herself with saree and slapped me. I know your husband never satisfy you so don’t miss this chance. She liked the taste of my sperm and said, just fill my pussy with your warm sperm.

Then I put my palm on her back and rubbed her nicely. But before I could do that, to my surprise she uncovered her hairy pussy, checked it for sometime and said to me, it’s too bushy. At around 8 pm I again came to her to make dinner for her. She was so close to me that I can feel the heat of her body. Her saree and petticoat have gone up above her knees. Then I took my tongue out and started licking her pussy. Then she came toward me and said, I have never seen you in this image. Then I began to pump it in her mouth for some time and cummed into her mouth.

We ate and talked for some time and then I left her house. After 2 hours, I woke up and found my aunty sleeping. I slowly lifted her petticoat up above her waist and smoothly removed her panty. I brought my nose close to her pussy crack and sniffed it for almost 5 minutes. She examined my penis, sniffed it and then said, remove your clothes. After i did this, she took my entire penis in her mouth.

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