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say - everybody loves playdude go through door go to statesroom talk to maid say your room is brilliant after cleaning ask her to go to your statesroom say u know more than most housewives answers to questions get gum off is, ice then scrape dishwashing soap is a good all purpose cleaner vaccum once a week spray with lubricant and wipe damp mop and detergent monthly this will get you april now move on right to the sundeck talk to bikinni girl say- by the way my name is nick!

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Great MNF game to say the least but I really didn`t like the concept of having to take part in trivia quizzes just to get to fuck the girls. to the casino say ur richard gere and shes pretty woman ask for a date quiz pair of 8s black jack four four aces and 8s connecticut 1 to 35 add up to 666 fourteen august!

It added challenge but made it less exciting for me. to the bar friends told me about you they said your cocktaisl are the best ask her to write the recipe quiz potato everclear spain rice cream febuary!

to the atrium say your a beginning film director say a movie about marilyn monroe ask to talk in the room quiz bruice almighty NYC pochahontas tom hanks some like it hot martin scorsese james bond is allowed to kill september!

say u can organize her art say to come to your room to organize it quiz answers A1 Chauvets cave paintings Stippling painting out doors Da vinci yellows the painitng lithography gouache color that cant be made by mixing one get you october now to the sports club ask for help with the gym program ask how to start ask for a erotic massage india 5000 years old 3 to 4 a week sugars mr olympia this will get you may and june! tell her shes a beautiful captain say shell be a great captain say u know everyhting quiz blackbeard prize pieces of 8 the jolly roger lord byron that gets u january!

i hope this is help you Probably the best in the series; at worst, on par with the Detective one.

The quizzes have a few hard questions in them, but there`s no real penalty for retrying, and there aren`t so many questions that you can`t remember them. This Ma F episode has always been my favourite, not only because with every subject I know pretty well and the calender idea was genius, I always get a smile on my face cause the sex is always good enough for more the 5 replays BUT I`m happy cause the main character has the same name and to me, that is just awesome to know. One more of the kind, the thing which caught my attention is the fact there is a quizz with questions about Mn F games, at least there is a reference to them...Would have been nice to give to players something new, since they are pretty much all the same more or less..Regarding the rest, just a straight one click makes it all.. Quite few girls to talk to, that is the major positive point. Although the graphics aren`t 3d like some of the other awesome games here, I like the style with pretty stacked hentai girls and lots of options.This was enjoyable for the variety of women and the ease of seduction.People who want more plot or story will be disappointed, but it`s great for immediate encounters.I very nice game and definitely one of the better Mn F offerings they `share`. Split the music and voice tracks so you could turn one down or off ( I am SOOOO tired of that one that they constantly use for music ). breast size ( but I guess EVERYONE loves huge tits ), pubic hair, skin tone, etc.... Not sure that I liked having to search for the answers to quizes, though most were easily found. I really like that aspect, it builds the excitement and you learn things!

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